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The Ocean Sea Foundation is a non-government

organization 501 (c)(3) established

in USA and Europe,

by international media, science and environmental experts, who aim to protect the Sea and Ocean.


The Ocean Sea Foundation deals with complex study of the World Ocean and seas. The Ocean Sea Foundation is a scientific international center that conducts research in all areas of marine sciences, including physics, climatology, chemistry, biology and geology of the ocean and seas, space biology, law of ecology and territorial governance, ecological economy. The subject of the Foundation’s activity is the implementation of fundamental and applied research in the field of oceanology with the use of parteners research fleet, aircraft, underwater and drones and other technical means. Our Foundation designs as well marine equipment for our research. Ocean Sea Foundation researchers are also dedicated to training future generations of ocean science leaders, to providing unbiased information that informs public policy and decision-making, and to expanding public awareness about the importance of the global ocean and its resources. The Ocean Sea Foundation is dedicated to advancing knowledge of the ocean and its connection with the Earth system through a sustained commitment to excellence in science, engineering, and education, and to the application of this knowledge to problems facing society.



Seen from Space, our Planet appears as a blue sphere. In fact, 71% of the Earth is covered by the oceans, which perform essential functions for our survival. They regulate the climate, host incredible biodiversity, provide sustenance for millions of people and convey 80% of world trade. The relationship between man and the sea has its roots in myth and for many centuries the oceans have represented the place of the unknown. Today the sea and its seabed constitute a field of investigation and study of great scientific relevance not only for the present, but above all for the future, in which the role of the ocean will become increasingly decisive for the conditions of growth and development for of all humanity. The Oceans produce more than 50% of the free oxygen in the atmosphere and absorb about 35% of the carbon dioxide which is dissolved in the atmosphere and these make us understand how important this blue lung is for life on our planet.

The Ocean Sea Foundation also aims to make known and protect the main characteristics of the marine environment, with particular attention to the use and conservation of its resources for sustainable development. The Ocean Sea Foundation, we are proud to give our supporters this scope and choice when it comes to making a donation. Whether you support The Ocean Sea Foundation’s mission as a whole, or you are excited to directly impact a cause of your choosing, we deeply appreciate your shared dedication towards the ocean.

All donations to The Ocean Sea Foundation are fully tax-deductible to the largest extent allowed by law.


Message from the President

Climate change and global warming are the major causes of the rise of disastrous weather events all over the planet.

A complex problem whose solution is a major challenge for humankind. If we do not act now, the average temperature of planet earth will raise by as much as 4° by the end of the century. Desertification, extreme heat waves, tropical storms and rising sea levels are just some of the catastrophic impacts, that will affect millions of lives and entire regions of the world.

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