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Ocean Sea Foundation maintains a range of oceanographic research areas.
Scientists, biologists, engineers, lawyers work collaboratively to advance knowledge of the global ocean and its fundamental importance to our planetary systems. The high purpose  that Ocean Sea Foundation want to realise is to train future generations of ocean scientists and address problems that have a direct impact in efforts to understand and manage critical marine resources.

Programs, Projects and Scientists Support 

Ocean Sea Foundation contributes to or directly manages to a range of community-wide scientific
efforts that help advanced international ocean researches.
OSF Aims to develop research and want to support Young Scientists to the realization of scientific projects for the progress of mankind, the reduction of pollution and the improvement of the health of the Sea and the Oceans.
Ocean Sea Foundation will provide support through Crowdfunding projects, Sponsors’ research and Universities, Scientific Institutions and Foundations’s connection to provide fellowships for Young Scientists support.
As well can supply logistic support for field cost delivered of goods, samples and instrument and in the organization of Scientific Conferences and Seminaries.

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Be part of OCEAN SEA FOUNDATION expedition to support the Ocean and Sea

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