Ocean Sea Foundation, together with its partners, organizes international initiatives to protect the environment throughout Europe.

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Ocean Sea Foundation
- Concert - Wave for Future

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 - Rostock - Germany
On Saturday, January 22nd, the OSF invites the public to its 'Wave for Future' event and concert to the port in the center of Rostock. 
The OSF will give insights into is missions about ocean pollution and analysis of micro and nano plastic and how this also affects us and can be influenced by us. 
On the OSF research ship M/V Advance guests can experience how a life as a researcher on board the ship in the arctic is and watch films we have created about our missions in the arctic. Also its possible to go into VR and dive in a small submarine yourself in the ocean. Also researchers from the region will present their work.
At 2pm we invite renown researchers to talk with us about the challenges & chances of ocean health and plastic in the ocean. Also we will present possible solutions to the challenges.
At 3pm famous pianist Alessandro Martire will take the stage on the boat and play a concert for the public with his best known pieces. Following this we will present the awards that were presented on Sept 9th 2021 in Venice in collaboration with the "Nations Award" Italy under the high patronage of the European Parliament.
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Alessandro Martire
Ocean Sea Foundation  
- GreenTech Award -

Thursday, September 9, 2021 - Venice - Italy
The "Award" of the Ocean Sea Foundation is the prestigious international award for companies, public and private entities that have made an innovative contribution to processes, systems, partnerships, technologies and products with a view to sustainable development, environmental respect and social responsibility and that are aligned with the "Taormina Protocol" N.01/OE. desired and signed by the Ocean Sea Foundation and Fondazione Luigi Einaudi. 
The Ocean Sea Foundation is proud to be collaborating with the Nations Award, under the high patronage of the European Parliament and the Sicilian Region. Besides being a festival created to reward Italian and international cinema, it has always been characterised by an important and particularly topical theme: the preservation and protection of the environment. This year, it will give ample space to all environmental issues that in recent years have attracted the attention of public opinion: from the climate emergency to pollution and waste disposal, through tourism and food sustainability. 
1) Innovations: The most efficient way to tackle the problem of climate change is to increase substantial investments in Research and Development in sustainable technologies. If in the next ten years the price of sustainable technologies were constantly reduced, all nation states would join automatically. Green Future innovation is much cheaper than alarmism.
2) Freedom and Energy: There is an inseparable link between individual freedom and energy availability: the only way to avoid civil liberties being eroded is to focus your efforts on a technological innovation that is able to make carbon-free energy cheaper, but at the same time reliable like other energies. If such an objective were to be achieved, the effect will be that of a gradual abandonment of coal, without the need to take coercive measures. Environmental problems must be addressed with the use of science, technology and innovation, in order to radically decouple human progress from nature, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution to such complex issues.
3) Ecological Transition: Transition means a compromise between the environment and social sustainability. The green transition of an industrial economy, if achieved by pursuing the radicalism of dysfunctional growth, will falter in a recession. On the contrary, we must orient our research and our policies towards a combination of economic growth and the consumption of natural resources. The real enemy of the environment is destitution and technological poverty, which forces us to depend on the exploitation of natural resources.
4) Integrated Waste Management: can be defined as the coordination and optimisation of the actions necessary for collection and waste treatment, with the aim of maximising recovery and recycling and minimising the disposal of waste. It is therefore required to use fewer "new" resources and to exploit those already owned, avoiding waste and damage to human and environmental health.
5) Butterfly Effect: Our planet is a unique environment and not divided into watertight compartments that follow political borders. Everyone must do their part. However, without the joint action of all 10 major countries that release greenhouse gases, humanity will never be able to be carbon-neutral.
6) Microplastics: the problem of microplastics is one of the most difficult and complex challenges for humanity and easy solutions do not exist. Discouraging or prohibiting the use of disposable plastics can certainly have an impact on public awareness and help improve the problem, but not solve it. The major hope must be entrusted to the research and development of new technologies.
7) Environmental Economics: In knowledge-based Western economies, emissions are mainly due to "lifestyle", whilst for developing countries they are "survival emissions" for fighting hunger, poverty, and disease. As Gandhi said, "poverty is the greatest polluting factor". International limitations on emissions in poor countries would compromise their industrialisation process, slowing down their progress and limiting urbanisation. It is necessary to invest in progress and sustainable technologies.
8) Eco-innovations: eco-innovation can be defined as the use of a new product, process, management system, service or procedure, through which a more effective use of natural resources is obtained. This is done over an entire life cycle with a reduction of negative impacts on the environment, and an increase in resistance to environmental pressures.
Venezia - OSF Event

The Ocean Sea Foundation offers to brilliant Scientists Researchers and Company to submit their related research proposals and who want to contribute to our mission for the progress, improvement and cleanliness of our Planet.

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