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Join us and contribute to have a better and safe world
for present and future generations.

Join our community of donors who care about the Ocean and Sea!

No matter the size or reason, your gift will play an invaluable role in the future of the ocean and protecting the ocean and keeping it healthy for generations to come. Your support invigorates our work by enabling us to be a more responsive, flexible, and ambitious community foundation for the ocean. We are truly grateful to our supporters, who share our deep understanding of the importance of the ocean’s health to our planet and to all of us. If you would like to stay up to date with your contribution to our work and become more engaged with our team and community, you can enroll in our supporter benefits.

Ocean Sea Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, all donations are fully tax-deductible to the largest extent allowed by law.

Ocean Drop - Free Donation


Ocean Breeze £50

  • Receive updates to follow the impact of your gift

  • A contribution in support of ocean science

    Ocean Explorers £500

  • Receive updates to follow the impact of your gift

  • Subscribed to email updates of our initiatives and
    a digital Polar Bear Postcard with your name

  •  Help Ocean Sea Foundation to acquire Samples for Ocean Analysis


Ocean Protectors £2,500
In addition to Ocean Explorer benefits:

  • Receive field updates from our Program Team

  • Receive invitations to events

  • Help Ocean Sea Foundation to make a complete biological and free pollution Ocean Sea analysis


Ocean Implementors £8,000 and more
In addition to Ocean and Sea Explorer & Ocean Protector Benefits:

  • Receive invitations to events with the President and/or Program Team members

  • Travel opportunities with the President and the Ocean Sea Foundation Mission

  • Opportunities to sponsor workshops, field equipment, and more

  • Help Ocean Sea Foundation to set up a biological Marine Laboratory

  • Invitations to Ocean Sea Foundation ocean research field with scientists and engineers.

  • Receive invitation to Annual Gala dinner and Ceremony Ocean Sea Foundation (13 December)



The Ocean and all the Sea now are facing a drastic degradation made by all people and there is no one to help us except who really feel to act to have cleaned them. Finally now is the time to fight all this degradation and pollution and save the Seas and Ocean.

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