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Ocean Sea Foundation, together with its partners, organizes international initiatives to protect the environment throughout Europe.

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OSF GREEN AWARD July 5th-6th, 2024
The Ocean Sea Foundation (OSF), in collaboration with the International Police Association (IPA), Tuscany Delegation, is thrilled to announce a significant evolution in the recognition of environmental excellence and public health. Following the success of previous awards conferred by the OSF, the two organizations have formalized a collaborative agreement that will bring the prestigious annual award to Florence. This decision follows constructive dialogue, in which the OSF recognized the added value of locating the event in a city rich in history, culture, and commitment to sustainability. This choice symbolizes a step forward in the integration of joint efforts for environmental protection, underscoring the shared commitment to promoting a greener and healthier future, supported by the commitment and passion of the Tuscan community.
The award, resulting from the collaboration between the International Police Association (IPA) Tuscany Delegation and the Ocean Sea Foundation (OSF), aims to recognize and celebrate significant efforts and successes in the field of environmental protection and public health promotion. It seeks to highlight the importance of actions aimed at preserving natural resources, reducing the anthropic impact on the environment, and improving quality of life through innovative health initiatives. The goal is to inspire a greater number of individuals and organizations to actively engage in these critical areas for the well-being of the planet and its communities. The integration of law enforcement in the Award highlights their crucial role in environmental protection. Each body has specialized departments: the Carabinieri with the Command for Forest Protection emphasize the protection of flora and fauna; the State Police address environmental violations through special units; the Guardia di Finanza with its naval component fights economic crime that harms the environment; the Coast Guard safeguards territorial waters; the Fire Brigade manages environmental emergencies such as fires; the Municipal Police and the Forest Guard monitor compliance with local and national regulations.
This collaboration underlines the importance of joint action in protecting the environment. Within the initiative, a series of detailed conferences will be dedicated to education and awareness of environmental crimes, with a particular focus on the challenges and strategies for their prevention and combat. These sessions, designed for both industry professionals and a broader interested audience, will be conducted by recognized experts, who will offer insights on various themes, including threats to biodiversity, pollution, poaching, and violations of environmental protection regulations. Through case studies, legislative analysis, and best practices, participants will acquire fundamental knowledge tools to understand the importance of active surveillance and concrete actions in favor of the environment, thus promoting a culture of respect and care for our planet. To further enrich the event, invitations will be extended to foreign police bodies and delegations of the International Police Association (IPA) from other countries, specialized in environmental protection. This will favor valuable cultural and professional exchange, allowing participants to share experiences, strategies, and best practices in the field of environmental protection and the fight against crimes against nature. The inclusion of these international entities underscores the importance of transnational collaboration in facing global environmental challenges, creating a unique opportunity for learning and mutual inspiration.
The award ceremony will be the highlight of the event, where individuals, companies, and other entities that have distinguished themselves in the field of environmental protection and public health promotion will receive recognition for their efforts and successes. A final gala will follow, a moment of celebration that will see the participation of prominent personalities and distinguished guests, creating a unique opportunity for the sharing of ideas and mutual inspiration towards further positive actions for the environment and the community. In addition to the OSF Award, a recognition for Sustainable Innovation will also be assigned, aimed at projects, technologies, or initiatives that demonstrate a significant impact in reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. This award aims to highlight and value those innovative solutions that effectively address environmental challenges, encouraging the adoption of renewable energies, advanced recycling, conservation of natural resources, and sustainable development, underscoring the commitment to a greener future. Following the collaboration with the IPA, the OSF will introduce two specific awards to honor law enforcement: the first award will be given to the unit that has carried out the most effective interventions against environmental crimes, while the second award will recognize the best environmental police operation of the year, evaluated based on impact, innovation, and courage shown in facing complex environmental challenges.
These awards aim to underline the importance of law enforcement's work in protecting the environment. The choice of Florence, the beating heart of Tuscany, as the venue for our award ceremony, is deeply significant. This city, which stands as a living testimony of harmony between human art and natural beauty, represents the ideal stage to honor those who have distinguished themselves in safeguarding the environment and promoting public health. Florence, with its invaluable artistic and cultural heritage, symbolizes the triumph of human ingenuity and nature in symbiosis, reflecting the very essence of the values that our award intends to exalt. At the same time, Tuscany, with its breathtaking landscapes, its biodiversity, and its sustainable agricultural practices, embodies the ideals of environmental preservation and life in harmony with the land that we aspire to promote. This region has managed to maintain a balance between development and conservation, becoming a model of environmental management and sustainability. By uniting Florence and Tuscany in this context, the award not only gains symbolic meaning but also becomes a vehicle for spreading a broader message. The celebration in this setting is not only a tribute to those who have made significant contributions to environmental protection and public health, but also serves to inspire others to follow their example, highlighting the importance of individual and collective action in facing contemporary environmental challenges.
Through this event, we therefore intend not only to recognize exceptional efforts in the field of environmental protection and health promotion but also to stimulate constructive dialogue on how we can, together, build a more sustainable future. The choice of Florence and Tuscany as the backdrop for this award emphasizes our dedication to celebrating and promoting practices that respect and enhance our natural and cultural world, inviting all participants to reflect on the beauty and fragility of our planet. Moreover, we plan to establish partnerships with other festivals and environmental initiatives.
These partnerships aim to create a network of collaboration and sharing of good practices, knowledge, and resources, thus amplifying the impact of individual actions in favor of the environment. Through these connections, we aspire to build a united global movement for environmental protection, which can inspire positive change at the local, national, and international levels. This initiative offers the opportunity to highlight the importance of law enforcement in environmental protection, strengthening the bond with the community and promoting greater environmental awareness. The Tuscany region and the city of Florence, by hosting the event, highlight their commitment to sustainability, benefiting from international visibility that could translate into an increase in responsible tourism. Finally, spectators are encouraged to actively participate in environmental protection, inspired by the success stories and commitment of law enforcement and other awardees.
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